Lala Rukh in Dubai, March 2017 / Image courtesy: Maryam Rahman Agha



LALA RUKH | 1948-2017


In the early hours of July 7, 2017, our dearest Lala Rukh passed away peacefully at the age of 69 in the presence of loved ones. Born in Lahore in 1948, Lala Rukh led an exemplary life as an artist, activist and educator. She leaves behind a glorious legacy and countless aggrieved.


Lala Rukh holds great importance for us - not just for her historical contributions to South Asian art and feminist dialogue, but also for what she meant to us in a personal capacity. Grey Noise was founded in the living room of Lala Rukh's house in December 2007 and in the 17 years of knowing her we forged a relationship closer than blood. Her passing brings us great sorrow, but also a renewed sense of urgency to shed light on her largely unexamined practice and the story of the great woman she was.


Rest in Peace Lala Rukh. You will be remembered forever for the generosity of your soul, the depth of your work and the persuasive yet soft timbre of your voice. 


Umer Butt and Hetal Pawani